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China CFDA Now Charges MD and Drug Registration

Starting from May 27, 2015, the China CFDA now charges the registration of medical devices and drug (CFDA Announcement No. 53 in 2015).

This says, many foreign enterprises that are aiming at Chinese market are facing higher budget pressure for regulatory affairs, since there is no cost for administration at all.

We see clearly a cost difference between the imported and domestic medical device, which is due to the cost for travelling, accommodation and meals of CFDA auditors in/outside China.

This indicates that the CFDA is developing an oversea auditing strategy for better control of quality management system as the US FDA does.

However, it would still take some time for the industry to find out how the CFDA audit will be performed, given that the strict overseas travel regulation of Chinese administrators and the language requirement of the CFDA auditors.