Agency Registration Service for Drug Packaging Materials

Agency for registration of imported and domestically produced drug packaging materials

Registration agency for packaging materials of imported and domestically produced drugs refers to the whole process of registration services, which is also the main business of our company.

The whole process of registration services mainly includes: preparation of registration documentation, development of product standards, product sampling, product approval and acquirement of registration certificate, etc.

On problematic projects, we are able to feed back relevant information and solve the problem in a timely manner, which can greatly enhance the efficiency of product registration for companies.

Based on good professional background, we are familiar with policies, laws, regulations, organization structure and working process on drug packaging materials and have accumulated certain practical experience and cases.

As a result, we have strong problem-solving ability. Many companies with international renown choose our company as their consultant for laws and regulations on drug packaging materials and agent for market access registration.

In addition, the company has formed practical and oriented consulting guidelines, which enables companies to master the essentials of laws and regulations on drug packaging materials in a short period in order to boost their working efficiency.


Individual service item on packaging material registration of imported and domestically produced drugs

For the registration preparation process of imported and domestically produced drug packaging materials, the major difficulties are product standards, compatibility test reports and proper workshop cleaning, etc.

Many companies tend to outsource these difficult jobs while our technical staff is well acquainted with relevant laws and regulations and product technical and quality requirements, who are able to raise appropriate demands and reduce registration costs and following production costs as much as possible for companies.


Other consultancy about regulation issues concerning drug packaging materials

Drug packaging is different from other product packaging because of special and strict requirements and close relationship with drug quality and medication safety.

As a result, the Chinese government has always attaches much importance to this issue. Due to the diversity of drug packaging and complexity of environment and conditions, some problems in the regulation of drug packaging materials can not be addressed by prevailing laws and regulations.

Our company is familiar with relevant state laws, regulations, procedures and agencies about drug packaging materials and can provide case-based assistance.