Agency Registration Service for Health Food

Registration Agent for Health Food of Domestic and Foreign origins

As a Registration Agent for Health Food of Domestic and Foreign origins, we supply our customers the whole course of registration service, which is also the main operation of our company. The service mainly includes the following processes:

1,offering guidance to manufacturers in preparing product samples and materials for approval;

2, arranging test items;

3, tracking the entire process of testing;

4, packing up technical documents;

5, sending samples, materials and documents for approval to SFDA;

6, checking and modifying technical documents;

7, obtaining the Registration Certificate. Meanwhile, we will feed back relevant information on those items which may have problems, and settle them timely, so as to raise our efficiency of product registration.

Based on our rich professional background; accumulation of case studies and field experiences; and familiarity with regulations governing health food, organizational structure and working procedures of administrative agencies, we know how to resolve knotty problems.

Many domestic and foreign enterprises have received our consultancy service on Chinese laws and regulations, and agency service on product registration for market access.

In addition, our company had formed consultancy guidance guidelines. Being practical and case-specific, these guidelines enable our customers to grasp quickly the key points of regulations on health food and raise working efficiency.


Special Service During the Course of Registration for Health Food of Domestic and Foreign origins

During the process of registration for health food, there have always been difficulties in preparation work to adjust product descriptions, and to stipulate designing, improvement, product technique, and quality standards. Therefore almost enterprises choose to contract out these works.

Engineers in our company have a good knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, product descriptions, technique and quality standards. They can offer proper suggestions, so as to reduce registration cost and afterward producing cost.


Other Information about Consultancy Service for Health Food Administration

Unlike common food and drugs, health food bears some special and strict requirement. Health food is restricted to special populations. It can adjust body functions but doesn’t bear the aim of curing diseases. It won’t engender any acute, subacute or chronic harm to people.

Thus it has always attracted attention of Chinese government. Due to diversity of the health food and complexity of the environment and condition, there are many problems to which we can’t find the corresponding answers from the existing laws and regulations.

Our company is familiar with relevant laws and regulations of health food, the registration procedures and institutions. So we can offer help according to the special case in enterprises.